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Neograft Hair Transplant

Neograft Hair Transplant was the 1st FDA Approved FUE Device in the U.S. and we were the 1st Hair Transplant Clinic in Orlando to utilize Neograft. Compared to 2004 when we first started performing FUE Hair Transplants in Florida, Neograft was a tremendous improvement in FUE Technology, We are able to perform much larger procedures than in the past. Most FUE Clinics in Orlando have no perspective on this because they have only been performing Hair Transplants for 1-2 years. In Experienced hands Neograft is the most Superior FUE device available. Call 407-968-8836 to Learn About Neograft in Orlando, Florida.

There are a few choices in Orlando for FUE Hair Transplantation. Our Experienced Team has been able to Evaluate most of them. We chose Neograft over ARTAS, SmartGraft, and Handheld FUE devices. Neograft is the Fastest among them. Our Team has performed Thousands of Neograft procedures vs the other Hair Transplant clinics in Central Florida. Email Us to Learn More.

Neograft Cost in Orlando

We offer Affordable Neograft Prices with the Highest Quality in Orlando, Florida. Many Neograft Clinics in Central Florida offer Discounted Hair Transplant procedures because they are willing to sacrifice Great Results. This is a Non-Starter for our Entire Team.

Our Neograft Hair Transplant Prices are based on how much hair you need and how much we safely extract. Be Cautious with any Orlando Hair Clinic that quotes you a high number of grafts, in excess of 1800. It is possible for some clients, but the average is 1500. If you come to me and say “I want 3000 grafts”, we can achieve that number but it comes at a cost. Your Donor Hair contains grafts with 1-4 hairs, if I dissect all of the 3-4 hair grafts into 1-2 hair grafts, I can get you 3000 grafts. The grafts growth rate will drop from 93% to 67%, this will affect your results. Call 407-968-8836 or Email Us for Neograft Pricing and Specials.

FUE Price Per Graft

Orlando has the Lowest Price Per Graft in the country. This is not something to be proud of, the Price Per Graft is down to 2.75. If the FUE results were Great I would love the low prices, but they are not. I would avoid paying Per Graft regardless of the price point, it’s not in your Best Interest. Negotiate a Per Session Price during your FUE Consultation, basically, take their Price Per Graft and multiply it by 1800. Their calculation will be based on 2500 grafts, which is not possible for the reasons I’ve previously given.

Remember this is a Business Negotiation that happens to have a Surgical aspect to it. When an agreement is reached ask for it in writing, ask the doctor to take a photo of the area that you want To be Restored. Identify the area on the photo and write down the agreed upon price, also write that if a touch up needs to be performed there will be no charge. Ask the Doctor to sign this, you sign it and have a witness sign it. Consider this your Hair Transplant Insurance, the doctors have you sign pages of consent forms, these forms are there to protect the Florida Hair Doctors, not the patient.

Why is Neograft Hair Restoration the Best FUE Procedure?

  1. It is very Efficient. Our Team, who has 15 Years of Experience can Extract 1000 Grafts per Hour, very fast compared to Manual FUE.
  2. Ergonomic, very comfortable Hand Piece.
  3. More Affordable compared to FUT.
  4. Easy Learning Curve.
  5. Neograft allows for Artistic Freedom during a FUE Hair Transplant.

Call us to Learn More about Neograft Hair Transplant in Orlando or to Schedule a Consultation 407-968-8836. You can also Email Us your Photos for an Instant Neograft Price and Questions for a Virtual Consult.

Neograft Hair Transplant
Best Neograft Hair Transplant in Orlando